Issue: Water intrusion through the steering lock. Causing lower steering bearing damage. Correction: Remove steering lock and seal cavity Tools: Small flat head screwdriver, side cutters, key that fits steering lock. Tube of silicone. Use the screwdriver to pry up on the retaining rivet(pic 1). Remove rivet with side cutters(Pic […]

Tuesday Tech Tip!

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Gas Gas Rider Spotlight! (He’s BACK!) Name– Johnny Barber Hometown – Monaca PA Occupation– motorcycle tech/ riding instructor Years riding / racing-15 First bike- Yamaha 1998 YZ400F Current bike- 2015 GasGas XC250 Favorite race / track / event– ISDE Poland 2004 Favorite place to trail ride / practice– Boat World […]

Gas Gas Rider Spotlight! Johnny Barber (He’s BACK!)

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Gas Gas Motos NA Tech Tip Tuesday! by Girard Lall Issue: Clanking noise from bike while suspension compresses while riding. Sounds like rocks hitting the plastic skid plate. Correction: Install a saw tooth chain roller from a 2007 Kawasaki 450F, in place of the Gas Gas upper roller. The chain […]

Gas Gas Motos NA Tech Tip Tuesday! by Girard Lall

This past Sunday was round 5 of the Aces Enduro Series in Logan Ohio. Great conditions and weather made this race very enjoyable. After 7 tests trading wins with Brock Hepler, I ended up 3rd overall just two points shy from the win due to following old arrows in test […]

Wheelie Wednesday Race Report! by Johnny Barber

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Most riders can tell you how many miles they can go on a tank, but do they know by looking down at the translucent EC200/250/300 tank, how much fuel they actually have left and most importantly…How much fuel is really left before going to reserve, and how much does reserve […]

Gas Gas Tuesday Tech Tip!

Before new Gas Gas 2 stroke motorcycle are crated and shipped, the power valve drain hose is zip tied closed, as per EPA regulations. When the bike is assembled at your dealer, the zip tie is then removed. Now the tip… The keep the exhaust from making a mess on […]

“Gas Gas Tuesday Tech Tip” by Girard Lall

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This weeks Tech Tip is the 2nd submitted from loyal Gas Gas customer Girard Lall of Houston, TX.   The OEM  speedometer is centrally located on the triple clamp. As a result, it is too close to the front brake  and  clutch hoses.   You can relocate the speedometer over […]

Tuesday Tech Tip